25th July 2018

Creative writing

I approached the entrance of the aged bridge, under the lurking eyes of the guards. Beneath the bridge was a large mass of water, going beyond my vision. It was murky and grey, matching the colour of the polluted sky. Clouds swirled overhead, becoming darker with every second. The sun set in the west, barely visible through the smog. The bark startled me out of my thoughts, making me jump back in surprise. Walking up to the entry, I look down at my shaking hands where I held the card for my entrance. I passed my card over to the officer, his hand deathly cold to the touch, causing shivers to travel quickly down my spine. Looking around, I am becoming aware of how few people there are. They were watching out the corners of their eye, ready to attack at any sign of dispute. The air was eerie, not a sound was heard. Behind me, a car starts its engine, breaking the silence and quickly accelerating away. My only way out of here has disappeared. Taking a deep breath, I turn back around to look at the officer to find him staring at me quite intently with blank eyes, almost as if he wasn’t even here. The thought of holograms flitted into my mind, but I brushed it off because they can’t have gotten that far already. I nodded slightly and stepped around him as he scanned my card, gaining me access the factory.

Pushing open the giant doors, I am welcomed with a burnt stench, filling up my nostrils with something I’d rather not smell. Blocking my nose, I take in my surroundings. It was still the same, hadn’t changed in 35 years. Ahead stood a giant grand staircase, marble white to match the glossy floor. A rich crimson carpet flowed down the staircase ending at my feet. My scruffy shoes, covered in mud, looked out of place in this place I used to call my home. Massive plants decorated the foyer, towering above me in red, green and yellow. It was so different from the outside world, its like I’ve entered another world. Here, it was so white, clean, perfection. A step outside reveals the damage the human race placed on our once beautiful world. The trees were previously green and full, adding colour and oxygen to our planet are now are burnt to the root, unable to grow due to the continuous rubbish pollution. Our lakes and oceans were once filled with incredible animals that benefited our environment in many ways, died out from extensive fishing and an upset in the food chain. Our ancestors predicted this, but no one listened. They went on with living their life, not bothering to change what they were doing to benefit the environment and save their world. Well, too late now I guess. My generation has managed, but it’s been hard. Thanks to our scientists, we are now able to create water by filtering seawater in a safe way to make fresh water. Although water is still scarce, we make do.

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