Act 5, Scene 1

Location: Mantua (City in Italy)

Characters: Romeo, Balthasar, Apothecary

Time: Wednesday morning

Events: Romeo asks Balthasar if he has any letters from Friar Lawrence and if Juliet is well. Balthasar informs Romeo that Juliet is dead in the Capulet tomb. Romeo decides to go back to Verona and see Juliet, so he goes to a pharmacist and requests a potion that will kill him instantly. The pharmacist doesn’t want to sell the potion to him because it is illegal and the penalty is death. Romeo says that he doesn’t see why he is afraid of death because the pharmacist is a beggar, poor, starving, and nearly dead. The world is not his friend. Romeo offers him money because he is poor, not because the pharmacist wants him too. The pharmacist give Romeo the poison and he gives him the instructions.

‘There is thy gold, worse poison to men’s souls, doing more murder in this loathsome world’ – Romeo


Act 5, Scene 2





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